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    Participant of the Olympic Games Kristaps Libietis Organizes Skiing Training in Mezaparks


    Skiing is the kind of sports which trains the body giving both the physical and mental delight. The skiing in Mezaparks means not only breathing fresh air here in Riga, but also skiing on excellently prepared classical and skating tracks. Every skier will have the opportunity to participate in the organized training and get an advice about skiing, its specifics and you also can apply the knowledge and skills just on the spot – on the skating tracks.

    In the framework of the project “Enjoy skiing in Mezaparks”, SPORTLAND network of shops offers the master classes in skiing with Kristaps Libietis. This will also be the title of the training and it will take place every Thursday, starting from this Thursday – 23.12.2010 – at 18:00  near the Sportland winter service, in Mezaparks Recreation Complex “Ziemas Parks”. The skiing training will be conducted by Kristaps Libietis – the annual participant of the Latvian National Team in Biathlon who participated in the Olympic Games in Turin and Vancouver. The training will be for free , and both the beginners and experienced skiers will be welcome, everyone who wants to improve his/her skiing skills, technique and style under the guidance of the professional

    Also the distance skis rental point will work in the place of  event (more information on ) and Sportland winter service, which offers the preparation of the skis and sharpening of the skates.

    It is an excellent opportunity to get prepared for skiing season, receive valuable information about skiing, necessary outfit and have a good time together with other skiing enthusiasts. Individual trainings are also possible. It is necessary to agree on the time separately. Fee: 7Ls/hour. Kristaps Libietis, phone number: 26152152

    See you in Mezaparks!!!

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